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Duebi Italia manufactures modular bathroom furniture in modern and contemporary styles. The catalogues offer bathroom sinks complete with taps and fittings, contemporary bathroom furniture solutions, with lacquered furniture in different colours, fine finishes with mirrors, door handles and superior quality details



Modular bathroom furniture by Duebi Italy is made with great attention to the care of every detail. The goal is to satisfy all customer needs by creating elegant and refined bathroom interiors, suitable for those seeking a modern and functional decor while at the same time enhancing design and quality. From a deep-seated knowledge of materials and craftsmanship comes a range of modular bathroom furniture that can adjust to every shape, every style, from modern and contemporary ambiences to those hinting at the classics, albeit revisited in shape and size.


Modular bathroom furniture by Duebi Italia is manufactured through an industrial process born out of long-standing traditional knowledge. Duebi Italia stands out as one of the industry leaders for designers and architects thanks to a quality bathroom furnishings output that includes lacquered furniture in different colours, matching sets of washbasin taps and hardware, lamps, mirrors and mirror units in modern and contemporary styles or classic revisited. The flexibility of the manufacturing process and the great attention to customer needs ensure that Duebi Italia's bathroom furnishings will meet the most demanding standards. Just as the furnishing accessories, made with the most modern techniques to guarantee quality as well as elegant and refined solutions, whether overhead units, consoles, or mirror units.


Thanks to its lean manufacturing system Duebi Italia can cater to the most discerning customer with its range of premium bathroom furnishings. An extensive distribution network can easily tap into the main international markets. The premium quality of wash-basin and taps, mirror units, lamps and consoles for bathroom decor is widely acknowledged and respected all over the world. Bathroom furniture by Duebi Italia guarantees customers unmatched quality, customization and services tailored to their needs for the sake of unique and elegant bathroom interiors, where form and function come together in perfect harmony.

Duebi Italia | Production samples

Collection 600 Luna - comp. SL09
Collection 600 Luna - comp. SL10
Collection 600 Luna - comp. SL11
Collection 600 Luna - comp. SL12
Collection 600 Luna - comp. SL13
Collection 600 Onda - comp. SO14
Collection 600 Onda - comp. SO15
Collection 600 Onda - comp. SO18
Collection 600 Onda - comp. SO19
Collection 600 Onda - comp. SO17
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC02
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC01
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC03
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC04
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC05
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC06
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC07
Collection 600 Classic - comp. SC08
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_01
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_02
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_03
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_04
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_05
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_06
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_07
Collection Forma_T - comp. T_08
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_09
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_10
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_11
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_12
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_13
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_14
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_15
Collection Forma_P - comp. P_16
Collection Onix - comp. OX01
Collection Onix - comp. OX02
Collection Onix - comp. OX03
Collection Onix - comp. OX04
Collection Onix - comp. OX05
Collection Onix - comp. OX06
Collection Onix - comp. OX07
Collection Onix - comp. OX08
Collection Onix - comp. OX09
Collection Onix - comp. OX10
Collection Onix - comp. OX11
Collection Onix - comp. OX12
Collection Onix - comp. OX13
Collection Onix - comp. OX14
Collection Onix - comp. OX15
Collection Onix - comp. OX16
Collection Easy - comp. ROUND C01
Collection Easy - comp. ROUND C02
Collection Easy - comp. LINE C03
Collection Easy - comp. LINE C04
Collection Easy - comp. FLOWER C05
Collection Easy - comp. FLOWER C06
Collection Prestige - comp. PR05
Collection Prestige - comp. PR01
Collection Prestige - comp. PR02
Collection Prestige - comp. PR03
Collection Prestige - comp. PR04
Collection Prestige - comp. PR06
Collection Prestige - comp. PR07
Collection Prestige - comp. PR08

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Duebi Italia manufactures modular bathroom furniture in modern and contemporary style or classic revisited. The furnishings are lacquered in different colours, complete with wash basins with taps and fittings, lamps, mirrors and wall-mounted mirror units for unique and classy bathroom furnishings.